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Remembering Christopher Cooper "Coop" - Killed by Drunk Driver Wilfredo Pujols

Remembering Christopher Cooper
Killed at age 17 by a Drunk Driver

Christopher Cooper “Coop” was a junior at Truman High School. He was killed by a drunk driver when a car being chased by police struck his bicycle November, 2007. Wilfredo Pujols was charged with second degree murder, resisting arrest, two counts of leaving the scene of an accident and one count of DWI.

Visit his MySpace Page:

(from his MySpace page)

His Favorite Things To Do: Skating, biking, spending time with my friends and family, spring break, summer break, camping, music, music, music.

His Heroes: “My heroes are my Mom and Dad, my brother Ryan, my Aunts Stacy and Kim, my cousin Corey, my best friends Stephen and Dylan, all my girls, and all my friends who love and miss me. I am with you always, and I love you.”

"I am now an ethereal angel, and I watch over and guide those who I love and who love me. I will always be with you, and I will be there for you whenever you need me. Do not weep, but if you must, always know that your tears will be swept away by my eternal love for you. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am in a thousand winds that blow, I am the softly falling snow. I am the gentle showers of rain, I am the fields of ripening grain. I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful rush Of beautiful birds of circling flight, I am the star-shine of the night. I am in the flowers that bloom, I am in a quiet room. I am in the birds that sing, I am in each lovely thing. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I do not die."


  1. I love you coop!! Today is one year since you were taken away from us. You will be missed dearly!!!

  2. The DUI was dropped when Pujols pleaded guilty because he was not actually drunk... so no one should call him a drunk driver

  3. Above comment-yes, he WAS drunk, and high, and left Christopher in the street to die. The charge was dropped as part of the plea deal. The evidence proves he was drunk. He had a BAC of 0.097, taken 5 hours after the collision. God knows what it was when he hit Chris. Get your facts straight or shut your stupid mouth. And don't be a coward, put down your name.
    My name is Cheryl Cooper. Christopher is my son.

  4. Lando (Rachel's Uncle)January 5, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    Cheryl, I did notice the comment you were referring to and was not going to even come close to changing the fact that Wilfredo was indeed drinking and driving when he took Christopher from you. I pretty much guessed exactly what you stated, but wanted to confirm it. Wilfredo is a murderer and I am going to update this blogs with more facts soon. If you have any information I can add please email me at I am so sorry for all you have gone through with this, especially with the holidays just passing. Lando (Rachel's Uncle)

    Proof that his brother was under the influence. Read all these stories, watch the video, and understand that just because the charge of drunk driving was dropped does not erase the FACT that he was intoxicated.
    Thank you Lando for all you do.

  6. Cheryl,

    Im sorry but in the United Sates of America when a man is not convicted of something you do not say its a fact. If that is the case why did he plead to murder if it was just an accident. No one wanted to kill your son but he had nothing better to do than cross a commercial street with headphones on after 9pm....and why are you only attacking him when you also blame the police and ambulance? Money hungry? thank you for helping Wilfredo Pujols look innocent... When the judge sees everything the police did wrong and they had a chance to save your son but let him die...Who killed him?? it sounds more like involuntary manslaughter...He'll be free after april...good luck spreading your feelings on the internet...I hope you know your son is in a better place... juice this thing for as long as you can...

  7. Wilfredo Pujols-self proclaimed child murderer. FACT. Wilfredo Pujols-self proclaimed leaving the scene of TWO hit and run crashes. FACT. Wilfredo Pujols-self proclaimed ran from police causing death of an innocent bystander going home on his bicycle, following the rules of the road. FACT. Wilfredo Pujols-WAS drunk, WAS high. Charge only dropped as part of plea deal. Amanda Denker, I know this is you posting here on Christopher's memorial page. Get used to the single parent role, cupcake. Wilfredo is not coming home, not in April and not for at least 10-20 years. You are a coward for not posting your name. Poor kids have to grow up with a coward for a mother and an admitted child murderer. Keep blaming the victim if it makes you feel better. You are partly to blame as well. You knew he was f**ked up that night, and let him drive away. You are pathetic and sad. Face it, he admitted to being a murderer, in front of a judge, his family, and Christopher's family. Also, I know you were at the vigil the night after Chris was murdered by Wilfredo Pujols. It's a good thing for you none of us knew who you were then.
    You need to read Lando's statement above. This blog is for the VICTIM, not a place for you to attack him. You need to stop believing what John Picerno says; he only defended your loser boyfriend for the money, and that was wasted on a person who PLEADED GUILTY to MURDER. You are as pathetic as Pujols is. Get busy raising your kids, and stop posting here.
    Lando, is there any way you can delete this person's comments and not allow them to post here? This blog is for Christopher. It shouldn't be a place for members of this murderer's family to come and blame Christopher for what happened to him.

  8. Who rammed into a car three times and could have caused a fatality during the first hit and run? Wilfredo Pujols. Who ran from the police down Noland Road at speeds exceeding 80 mph? Wilfredo Pujols. Who hit an innocent boy, crossing the street to the west while north and southbound traffic had a red light? Wilfredo Pujols. Who then left that collision and continued on until his ass was dragged out of the woods by a K-9? Wilfredo Pujols. Who then tried to lie and say he was forced at gunpoint to drive? Wilfredo Pujols. Who pleaded not guilty for 13 months, not admitting to that guilt until his daddy made him do the right thing and admit his guilt? Wilfredo Pujols. Who sits in county jail awaiting sentencing April 23? Wilfredo Pujols. Whose name keeps coming up in this post? Wilfredo Pujols, an ADMITTED CHILD MURDERER. The police report clearly shows a BAC of 0.097, taken 5 hours after the collision that killed Chris. I will spend my life stating these FACTS, no matter what anyone from that trash family says. I owe it to Christopher. At the end of the day, if Pujols hadn't been drunk and high, and fled the scene of a hit and run, Christopher would still be here. HE is the one who hit Chris, and HE is the one who will spend at least 10 years in prison for it. I will deal with the others involved and hold EVERYONE who contributed to Christopher's murder accountable.

  9. Don't worry about it Cheryl. Why are they so worried about what you think? Because you are the one that matters and if they can convince you than they must think it will ease their conscience. The fact is that he plead guilty to murder, that makes him a MURDERER, plain and simple. Word on the street is that he was a big drug dealer also, so no telling how many other lives he's ruined and just not gotten in trouble.iN the end, he will have to face his maker and Chris and that alone should be justice! You would sure think that someone who's loved one is getting ready to go to prison would have better things to do (with their criminal) than to worry about what you are saying and doing! Pretty pathetic on their part! Keep your head high, no one believes what they are saying anyway.

  10. Uhm along with Cheryl, Chris was a big part of my life. I first met him in 8th grade, and me and Chris were best friends my freshmen, and sophomore year. He was taken from Cheryl and all of his other family and friends cold blooded, and he was high, and intoxicated, and there was proof. So don't set here and blog on the internet and say he wasn't when you don't know shit about what happened. Chris wasn't like many of my other friends, he didn't hold a grudge and he would always be your friend no matter what. So again please don't say he wasn't drunk when he was. Thank you, and have a nice day..

    R.I.P. Chris Cooper
    love ya cheryl

    -Coedy Pollard

  11. cooper was a pretty good friend of mine. We weren't cool with each other a few times and for dumb reasons. I'll never forget the day he called me asking to be my friend again. He stepped up and acted like a man for real. Everyone talks about how amazing a certain person was after they pass, but I've realized how special cooper really is over these past 13 months.

    As for pujols, I know he didn't mean to hit cooper. We all do. Its thefact it happened. So it doesn't matter what any of his family members say, I have nothing against them yet, but they keep wanting to talk about facts. So we can give one. Wilfredo killed chris, even though not on purpose, its still a FACT.

  12. To Cheryl,
    My heart goes out to you. I hope you know you are doing the right thing, despite what anyone else says. When we right comments anonymously the writer automatically discredits themselves. Stand behind what you say or stand for nothing.
    Christopher was loved and that is all that matters. His life had value and it stood for everything. When we are scared of the out come we lash out. Christopher's murderer will spend the majority of his life in jail. FACT!!!!!!!
    This is a page for Christopher, for his family, for his friends, and for justice to have words. This is not a place for stupid, uneducated, and moronic statements. Keep loving Chris never forget his name or his memory, give him a voice to be heard and never let him be silenced again. That is my promise!!!!!!

  13. Cheryl,
    We all miss Cooper, and Wilfredo needs to be seriously punished for our loss. He needs to be given something horrible, just so he knows what he had done was wrong. From what he had done it hurts me because he didn't deserve what happened. :(

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  15. I have known chris since way back when.
    I went to Luff elementry with him. He
    was such a good friend. I remember that
    day before leaving the park. Telling him
    my last goodbye. I wish i had at least one
    more chance to say something. We miss you
    coop. Even though you are in a better place
    we all want you hear. We miss you very much.
    An for the lady who was talking crap i know the
    dude that was with the drive maybe he shouldnt
    be taking XANAX before driving!!!!!!

  16. Why do you call Wilfredo's family "trash"? I understand you are angry, but it is a large family, and only one of them was driving. How does what Wilfredo did make his entire family trash. Your son was a great person it appears, and I am so sorry this happened to you. i just don't understand why you call Wilfredo's entire family trash? What a joke.

  17. Anyi Pujols

    You know what I understand what happened but all this stuff being talked about my family is not right. just because one person in a family of hundreds and hundreds did something bad doesn't make the rest of us bad or (TRASH). I'm am 100% percent sure that everyone out there has someone in their family that went through some stuff in their life and to be honest weather he was drunk or high or both weather I did it, or my neighbor did it, or the president did it, it doesn't make it right to bash them or their family. I know it hurts because I've lost loved ones too all you have to do is learn to forgive other people sins and wish the best for the person and their family even if it hurts that is the truth because it doesn't matter what you say it won't bring Chris back, I am truly sorry for what happened and so is my family.

    Sincerely Anyi Pujols

  18. Above post: I will say whatever I want about your family. Also, I'm 100% POSITIVE that no one in my family is an admitted child murderer. How dare you tell me that I have to do anything? Who are you to dictate how I should feel about your family? My son was an innocent child, run down by a murderous drunk drug addict. I am not, nor is anyone in my family, interested in your empty and meaningless apology. Go tell it to God. I already know my son will never come home, and you have no clue how that feels.
    Wilfredo Pujols=TRASH.I am just waiting for April 23, when I can see this animal led away to spend many years in a cage, where animals like him belong.
    Cheryl Cooper
    P.S. Maybe some remedial reading and spelling classes in English would benefit you. It seems you don't have a full grasp of our language.

  19. Lady you've got some nerves saying all this crap, I can stoop to your level too and sit here and talk all this crap, but that make me and even smaller person than you are and that doesn't change anything that happened. I was trying to be so nice and you go and say all that. You and your son will always be in my prayers but you more than him. But seriously get help. You act like Wilfredo meant to kill him, like he went to your house found him and killed him. you are a sorry pathetic human being for saying all that. If the situations were reversed I am more than sure that he wouldn't act so immature like you are. You have all the right to be mad but not at us, we had nothing to do with what happened that night and like I said it doesn't matter what you say or do NOTHING WILL CHANGE THE EVENTS OF THAT NIGHT. How dare YOU talk about my family and who are YOU to talk about my family. so go F*** your self and go to church and see if that helps you. (which I doubt)

  20. What a sad and pathetic group of people your family must be. To come to a website that was intended for those of us who know and love Chris and say cruel and hurtful and untrue things. I don't need help, I need my son back. Because of your piece of trash relative, my son will never return to me. Let me educate your poor simple mind. First degree murder is considered a planned and deliberate act. Second degree murder is what Pujols was charged with because he had already rammed another car, a felony, then ran from the police, another felony, was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, driving at excessive speeds without headlights, ran numerous red lights, and slammed into my baby at speeds exceeding 80 mph. He then left the scene of that destruction, continuing to drive recklessly, putting other people's lives in extreme danger, including the life of his OWN BROTHER. WHEN YOU ARE COMMITTING A FELONY AS HE WAS AND SOMEONE IS KILLED, YOU ARE CHARGED WITH SECOND DEGREE MURDER.Maybe if your relative had spent some time in church himself he would have valued human life more than he does. This website was created for loving memories and thoughts of Christopher. That's how it started, and would have stayed that way if your trash family would not have come here and started talking their s**t. Don't come here and say these things and expect us not to respond. I am completely aware that nothing can change what happened that night. I also know who is responsible for what happened to my precious boy. And he is going to prison for a long time because of the choices HE made that night. But I also believe that he must have grown with some seriously stupid people, who place no value on human life. My son would have never done what Pujols did; he wasn't raised that way.
    I love you, Christopher, now and forever. We all miss you so very much.

  21. "He'll be free after april"
    Yes, he will. APRIL 2020. He was convicted as a murderer, and will always be one. Funny, his attorney compared what Pujols did to other cases involving alcohol, therefore admitting that his trash client WAS intoxicated.
    Goodbye, Wilfredo. Good luck fending off the rapists in the pen.

  22. For any members of the Pujols family-let Wilfredo know that we do not accept his apology, not now, not ever. He is not forgiven. He will always be known as a child murderer, and God will judge him as such one day. May he live in fear of the wrath of God. May he rot in prison, then in Hell. You are all clueless and stupid if you had any thought that he would walk out free. It was never going to happen. And now we can say HE IS A DRUNK AND MURDERED A CHILD BECAUSE HE WAS DRUNK. His own attorney compared his case to other drunk driving crashes. Your statements you made, so sad and pathetic. Nobody cares about this man. He is worthless and useless. I've never seen such fake and insincere remorse. What a performance. At least now he is locked up like the animal he is.

  23. I can't help but to read this and just feel sick to my stomach at the way people are acting on here..! How old are we? I feel so sorry for everyone involved, the sadd thing is instead of greiving for your son cheryl you are on the internet bashing everyone that you can and blaming everyone you can for your sons death. I am a parent of 4 and i know that the pain that you are feeling is the worst feeling anyone could possibly ever feel! But... i just dont see how sitting online and speaking about people you dont know is gonna help the matter any! God forgives and i hope one day you can too...! It would be a shame to live the rest of your life with such hate, and animosity! I personally knew wilfredo in immediately when i saw on the news that this had happened i thought this must be some terrible mistake.. but it wasnt! I wish that neither chris or wilfredo was on the streets that night, it was a terrible terrible tragedy! To say the mean and nasty things to eachother is just dispickable it really is! God dont judge and neither should anyone else.... terrible mistakes happen as baddly as i wish they didnt!

  24. My poem for my precious Christopher:
    When I think back now, to the day you left,
    I’m filled with sadness, lost and bereft.
    I remember your hugs, your warm embrace,
    And your beautiful smile, that lit up your face.
    I look back now, on your life so well lived,
    Taken too soon, with much left to give.
    You now are my angel, shining down from above,
    Warming my soul with your unending love.
    Until I see you again, I’ll hold you close in my heart,
    When that sweet day comes, we will never be apart.
    I’ll bring my love with me, and hold you close once again,
    I’ll love you forever, Chris, and miss you till then.
    Mommy loves you now and forever.
    The Heavens are a brighter place, for Christopher shines and shimmers there. He is ripping up the clouds on his board and soaring free and pure above us. He is pure love, light and beauty. He is safe.

  25. Lady you got some nerves talking shit about people like that! Yes, Chris was your son I understand that, but you make it hard to feel sorry for you because you refuse to see other perspectives of the story! I knew a few people that knew your son,and I am friends with someone from the pujols family too, and sry about it, but the truth is, what if it were you driving that vehicle? Your story would change in an instant! Things happen, yes its sad, and he shouldn't be driving intoxicated, but he is NOT murderer! He probably learned his lesson, you can bitch and complain all you want, its not gonna bring him back, and you can say whatever but youve probably drank and drove before or let someone out of the house and drive after drinking, just lay off the people, he probably feels bad enough, he dont need you pushing your guilt on him more, your a selfish person to not realize all this! your only thinking about yourself, not even your son, or how about this MAYBE YOU SHOULDNT HAVE LET YOUR SON OUT AT NIGHT?

  26. and as far as you ashing anyi like that, shes just as innocent as your son was, you dont know her, shes a great person, its like me finding out that your mom was a meth addict, well then you must be too, lady get a life , its one thing to blame the one person and have hate for him, but his whole god damn family? theyre all innocent too!

  27. bitch you make me sick, you cant take an apology from this family? your a racist piece of shit! hell I dont feel sry for your ass

  28. and ur seriousley blaming him? it sounds more like you should be baming the god damn pigs!

  29. Well, my precious boy, he's gone. He is now in the custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections for at least 11 years, forever known as an admitted child murderer. Then he will have a parole hearing. If he isn't paroled, he will serve the remaining 4 years. When he gets out, he will be on parole for 12 years. If he messes up once while on parole, he will go back to his cage to serve those years. I know you know how I feel about this, but in the end, he will have to face you and God.
    I love you Christopher. Keep shining...

  30. I have Never seen so much hate!!!! Ms. Cooper you really need to seek some Real Professional help or you are going to lose it!!!!I am sure your son is embarrased how his family is acting I know you can not be a Christian and be acting like you are. I pray you get some help REALLY SOON. I also know that the Pujols Family are not trash we can raise our children to do the right thing and then when they are grown we have to only hope they will remember what they were taught. I am sure your son Rest His Soul was not the perfect child!!! God does not make anyone Perfect he is the only perfect one.

  31. I remember~
    Bringing you home for the first time, tucked safely in your car seat.
    How we taught you to swim before you could walk in Germany, and all those weekends spent at the indoor swimming pool in Germany.
    You watching 101 Dalmations over and over, and Home Alone too.
    Coming home from Europe, where your Dad served his country with honor.
    Moving to Independence, and how the friends you made lasted throughout your whole life.
    Taking you to California with Ryan, Universal Studios, Ryan winning Fear Factor, and how proud you were of him.
    Taking you to skating expos to watch the Zoo York skating team, and you got to skate with them!
    Your love and caring for your friends, and how much they all love you.
    We love you Christopher, now and forever. You are our sweet angel and we will do what you would want: Rise Above.......

  32. Have you ever heard of rest in piece? You should do that! Let it go, remember him, don't dwell everyday like this, its been 2 years! We've all lost someone, that's part of life, just take a breathe and remember him, don't remorse him! Remorsing is for the first few months or so, then you eventually let him go and let God handle the rest, LET YOUR SON REST IN PIECE!

  33. Blog Guidelines:

    My niece Rachel Elliott was killed by a drunk driver at age 18 on February 21, 2008. Nearly 20,000 deaths occur in the US every year from drunk drivers. Many drunk driving deaths are from repeat offenders. The primary purpose of this blog is to publicize DUI offenders, especially repeat offenders, expose people in the legal system NOT doing their jobs and lastly, to honor victims of drunk driving.

  34. Don't you know this will never be over? Why can't you stay away from here? You have no place here. This page is for Christopher. For his friends and family. Not for comments and lies from parasitic immigrants.

  35. May 2, 2009 2:43 pm your a real piece of shit!

  36. Mommy misses you each moment of each day of each month of each year that passes. I saw your spirit in the photo Aunt Cathy took. Thank you Christopher for that. It helps to know you are with us always.
    I love you so much,

  37. My Christopher~
    18 months ago, you were taken from us by a murderous drunk and an uncaring and cold police department. Your life was cut short by the choices made by other people. You deserved your life, and we deserved you in our lives. I will spend my life seeing to it that those responsible are held accountable. We already got the scum that hit you, the police are next. I promise, on my life, I will make it right.
    Your birthday is coming up on the 19th. We are having a small party for you at the park at sunset. I know you will be with us. We love you forever and miss you so much.
    Your Mom

  38. To the Pujols family reading this: I have met many of you, and have developed some great friendships with people in your family. Wilfredo Jr. made a great big mistake, and he knows that. Mrs. Cooper is extremely hurt, and she will always be hurt. I just want people to know that the Pujols family members I know are good, loving, thoughtful people and I am proud to know the ones i do. No matter what Mrs. Cooper says, you guys are all individuals and every individual makes their own choices. wilfredo made a bad one, and that is nobody in the Pujols Family's fault but his own. The Pujols family should hold their heads high, and not let these insane racist comments hurt you. You are a good family. Mrs. Copper is being very unfair and rude to say the cruel things she is saying about people that had nothing to do with this.

  39. We went to your graduation, even though you weren't there. Your Dad and I, Ryan and Mandy were together there, for you. Your classmates honored you during graduation. There was an empty chair for you. And your scholarship was handed out. I'm trying, my precious boy, to keep your name alive. It's all that I have left to do for you.
    We cleaned your mile on your birthday, and had a small celebration of your life afterwards at Santa Fe. Thanks for coming baby! You appeared in so many of the pictures taken that night, along with your angel friends who came with you. We could all see you there. It feels good to know that you are all around us, still.
    Mommy loves you and misses you always.

  40. Well, well, at last, another loser from the Pujols family is in jail. Lil' Wil Pujols is sitting in the Jackson County Detention Center after he was picked up by Lee's Summit Police. The parents of Little Wil and "JuJu" must be SO proud-both their boys incarcarated.
    Can't help but have some serious satisfaction that he's locked up, at least for the time being.
    I'm going to get them all, one way or another.

  41. This is KENIA, WILFREDO's SISTER.June 18, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    The hate that radiates off of you is rediculous. You need to get off the PUJOLS FAMILY's BACK, get on YOUR knees, and pray to God for the strength to forgive all those who have hurt you. We are not the ones that would benefit from you forgiving others. You are the only one that will benefit from that, because if you didn't know, God wants you to forgive those people who have hurt you. Wilfredo does not have to worry about "facing" God because God lives with in him. God knows how terrible Wilfredo feels over the accident, and serves as his strength. Wilfredo will always have us to defend him, he will be the most comfortable possible for the remainder of his stay in prison, because WE his family WILL see to that. ALL my family needs to do is STOP apologizing to you, because there's been enough of that to no avail. We have God on our side, and that is all that matters. Wilfredo suffers only because he is a VERY GOOD PERSON with a GOLDEN HEART and knows that he messed up. Knows that because of his actions, people were hurt. He's not smiling about that, and you KNOW it. If he would have been a different person, he would have cursed you out for never failing to try to bring him down, instead of never allowing any of us to bad mouth you in his presence for all the hate that radiates toward our family. YOU are NO BETTER than your worst enemy for ever WISHING sadness upon HIS children because they are truly innocent CHILDREN that have nothing to do with anything. My father is a VERY RESPONSIBLE, HARD WORKING LOVING MAN that would NEVER wish bad upon anyone, and ALSO does NOT deserve to be mentioned by YOU or ANY of your family. Yes, this is a blog for your son, but as long as you mention my brother, YOU WILL be hearing from us. You must love it because you continue. Like your friend said, I really DON'T care what you have to say. It doesn't hurt me. I just wanted to give u a reality check. Also, whether we are IMMIGRANTS or NOT, don't have a PHD in English or NOT, WE know 2 languages, and you only know one. Think about that next time you try to blabber nonsense.

  42. I am going to attempt to make my feelings clear without malice. I would like all the people who have come here blaming Christopher for his own murder, said that Pujols was not drunk, talked about what a good guy he is, to read the first post. This page was started for Christopher. It was intended as a page for messages and memories of a boy who was murdered by a drunk driver. After the second post, made by someone who said Pujols was not drunk, I began to respond. Look, everyone, including Mr. Pujols, knows he was under the influence that night. Everyone knows that charge was dropped as part of the plea deal. Why do you want to deny the truth? He hit an innocent boy, who was following the rules of the road, crossing the street, going home. Then he left him there. He kept running. He never hesitated or slowed down. He had to have known that he hit someone. Why keep going? My family and I have talked about this many times. We feel that if he would have stopped immediately after he hit Chris, we would have an easier time believing that he made a terrible mistake. BUT HE NEVER STOPPED. An accident is when you do something like this, but you stop. A murder is when you are committing a felony, you hit someone, and you keep going.
    My son is dead. He is the one paying for Mr. Pujol's choices that night. He is dead, he is never coming home to his dad and I and his brother and friends. I don't think any of you have any concept of what that's like to live with and face every single day. I simply will not allow people to come here and make false statements and try to shift blame on an innocent child. I do believe that now Mr. Pujols has remorse for killing my son. I wish he would have had some that night, and all the months that followed as he continued to say he wasn't guilty. You all do know that Mr. Picerno encouraged that, don't you? After all, he doesn't make money on a guilty plea. He made his money by dragging it out for as long as possible. Mr. Pujols has destoyed so many lives with his actions. The truth is what it is. He sat in court and said the word guilty. What more needs to be said?
    I don't quite understand the very last paragraph of the last post. What does speaking 2 languages have to do with anything?
    If you would like to talk about your relative and what a good person he is, why not set up a page for him elsewhere? I will make a promise, I will not add anything there. I want to forget about Mr. Pujols and the fact that he lives while my son can't. I want to erase him from my mind until August 2018. But I will be there for the parole hearing. That's a promise I will give you.

  43. I respect your comment above. I will never try to shift any blame to your innocent son, never have and will never allow anyone else to do so. That's a promise that I will give you. We all know that as long as he was crossing the road correctly as he was, nothing can be blamed on him because he really wasn't doing anything wrong. He was doing the right thing, going back home, he had the green light. I believe my family just gets real defensive sometimes when so much negativity is thrown towards us in such hard times like these. We are truly hurt by your loss. We are sooo hurt Wilfredo helped cause that loss, we all have to live with this day by day. I hurt for you, me being a mother, I hurt for you terribly. Matter of fact, at first, I was soooo mad at my brother. Sooooo mad! But then, I remembered that he (I know u don't want to hear this, i'm sorry..)really Is a really good person. And then I put myself in his shoes, my knowing him very well, and realized how TERRIBLE I KNEW he felt for doing something so STUPID! For causing soo much pain. I hurt so much right now as I type. Ms., my father and mother are really good people, nobody that knows them will deny that. They don't deserve to be disrespected. This really is not their fault, trust me. It's not their fault what is going on with Wil either, trust me. But I won't even comment on him. But Wilfredo is a different story, and I will always show my face for him. Wilfredo is the type of person that when he is out on parole, there will NOT ever be a day, that his heart doesn't DROP when he thinks of that day. Because believe it or not, he cares. It will be very hard for me to not comment when I see something terrible being said of my family, as it will be hard for you to not say something terrible about us, but I will try to hold my head high, ask God for strength for myself, for all your family, for all my family, and I will try hard NOT to comment back, and give you your space to express your oppinion whether I like it or not. I just really hope that all the animosity does end soon. With your previous comment, I noticed you're trying, and that's enough for me to just give you your space. God Bless you, God Bless your heart, God Bless your SOUL! God give you STRENGTH! God carry you when the pain weighs you down and you can no longer stand! God wipe your tears away and mend your broken heart. God show you your son in The better place, and let that give you peace, love, and the most happiness. Best wishes.
    Kenia P.

  44. Ma'am, I'm sorry for returning, but I forgot to mention one last thing. To my understanding, when Wilfredo's car was wrecked, he couldn't see forward because the hood was blocking the windshield, and he really might not have been sober. The only reason why i'm mentioning this is because i'm trying to give you a peace of mind, and help you realize that he really didn't just hit him and continue fleeing while knowing what had just happened. Wil told me that Wilfredo hadn't noticed that he had really hit an actual human being until much later, when Wilfredo finally noticed Wil's crying. Wilfredo, not sober, asked him why he was crying. And Wil repeated that he had hit someone. Wil told me, that they could have gotten away because the police were quite far away from them when they were in the woods and were not searching near them. That all they had to do was remain on the ground, but when Wilfredo finally grasped the fact that he had hit a person, he said he couldn't live with that in his consience, stood up from where they had been laying for about 15 min without being caught, turned themselves in, and when the police spotted them with their hands behind their heads, threw released the k-9 on them. I was very upset to know, but you might be very glad to know that Wilfredo had almost lost his arm to the dog and was not being given any medication for the pain. I know that's not near the pain suffered by your son, but I immagine that was extremely painful as well. Wilfredo did not mean to hit him. He hadn't seen him. And the pain he feels inside for the error committed is great. I thank you for your time. Remember God loves you, is there with you. Also, I see the love with which you write to your son, and i'm sure that he felt he had the best mother he could have asked for, and would have never imagined nor expected. I'm sure he KNEW he had the best parents in the world, knew you all loved him soo much, and I know he had a happy life full of love. I'm sure you did the best you could which was no doubt better than good enough. God be with you all. His friends and family.

  45. P.S. R.I.P. with love, happiness and God, Coop! With much respect.


  46. Kenia, from a friend of your brother Wil, and from someone who knew Junior has a big heart, and from someone who knows the love your family has, thanks for writing those things. I hope that what was said here truly makes a difference in the lives of both of these families.

  47. Christopher,
    Each day gets harder and harder without you. I think of what you would be doing now...would you be in college with Corey, or working with your Dad? It hurts so much, wondering what you would be today. I know you are safe with God, and happy. But I'm selfish. I want you here with us. I'm trying so hard to find meaning in this life without you. Each day I try, I search for the answer. It never comes. Your brother is doing better; he is back at work and back at UMKC, plugging away for his degree. I thank God every day that he has his girl who loves him and has been by his side every day since you were taken from us. Corey left last week for college. Ashley and Brit are both going to college too. Stephen is in California finishing up at boot camp. I'm so proud of them all. What I wouldn't give to have you here with them and with us. The pain grows more and more intense as time passes. I don't know what to do with it all. It is so huge, it takes over every part of life and smothers every moment. Haven't had a sign for awhile, but I tell myself it's because you are so busy being an angel and helping others where you are. Everyone told me the second year would be harder than the first, and they were right. Some days I don't try. I just am. I miss you, baby. I love you.
    Your Mom

  48. I'm looking at pictures of you tonight. You were a beautiful little boy. You were growing into such a handsome young man, and you were a good young man. That's one of the only things I have left. Knowing that I raised you to be respectful, kind and caring towards others. But also knowing that the men who killed you were raised to believe they were better than everyone else because they had money. I've been hearing a lot about them both over the last few months. How Wilfredo was a drug dealer who would toss his name around to get away with his crimes. How little Wil robbed someone (allegedly) at gunpoint, and now sits in JCDC awaiting trial.
    I've had people on here and other places call me a racist. This is for them: it doesn't matter to me whether the Pujols brothers are white, black, Asian, or any other race. My word for them is trash, and I have good reason to say that. Only trash would hit and then leave a dying boy on the side of the road. Only trash would run till there was no road left, and then try to lie their way out of what they did. I challenge anyone to point out where I made any racist comments about these "men", or as Ryan says, these "things". Human beings don't do this to each other. That's how I know that calling them trash is fitting. Human is too good a word for them. I wish they had both died that night. They deserved to. Not my boy. He was, and is, truly good. He was HUMAN. Having him stolen the way he was from us is becoming more and more unbearable. Knowing what can never be: seeing my boy grow up, have his own family, pursue his dreams, share his life and love with us. There is really no way to describe life without him. Only those of us who love him will ever really understand. I want you back, Chris. I love you so much, and I miss you more than I can say here. But you know. You see. I can't wait to see you again. We have so much to talk about.

  49. Is there any way to remove the comments that attack Chris? Shouldn't this be a memorial page for him, not a theater for the Pujois family and friends to continue their vitriolic attack on the victim and his family? I am a total ousider just looking in, and it's disturbing to read the hateful comments. Chris's mom is understandably hurt, wrecked for life -- do you really want to argue with her? Is there any way to win this argument? And by the way -- after reading the story of the 'accident' I believe that the police who also DID NOT STOP TO HELP have a lot to answer for. c.rosier, Wyoming

  50. Above, I can delete any of this. I believe blogs should be free expression, but I will leave that up to Cheryl. Yesterday marked 2 years that Christopher was taken from his family. Cheryl, you have been in my thoughts.

  51. We put our boy to rest on Sunday, November 8, 2009. It was warm and sunny and windy, an almost identical day to the one on that day two years ago when he was brutally killed. We framed the concrete base, poured the concrete ourselves, and placed a stone etched with his name and dates. His father placed him tenderly to rest, his urn wrapped in his favorite t-shirt. We placed pictures and notes in with him. The stone also says "He lived life to the fullest", and "Rise with the Fallen". His sweet face smiles out from the stone's face, innocent, pure and free. My boy shall never suffer this life full of pain and sorrow. He will forever be a part of eternity, and safe from harm. He will always be young, and he will always be our boy. That can never be taken away. There is now a place of peace. A place not associated with his death, the site where his life drained away. We can go there now, and think of him and his life. It was too short, but it was full, and it was good. I will not have to look back on his life with regret. I raised him to be good towards himself and towards others. And he was. He really was.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lando, for this page for Christopher. You kept your promise, and this page is serving the purpose you set out for it. As long as it is here, people will know, with one simple search of one name.
    God Bless you and please know you and Rachel's family are in my prayers.

  52. I lit a lone candle for you, my child
    As crimson clouds fade into night
    The tears fall down as the shroud wraps around
    Surrounding my heart, squeezing tight.
    Your face shimmers warm and glowing before me
    Your smile such a beacon of love
    I shall one day soar, with you evermore
    In Eternity, Heaven above.
    So watch over, my child, as I struggle through life
    Longing to hold you again
    And give me the strength, to always believe
    We'll be together, only God knows when.

  53. One year ago today, at this time, I sat in a courtroom surrounded by the people I love the most, facing the thing that murdered my baby. I had to sit there and look at it in it's orange jumpsuit, it's piece of shit attorney next to it. I had to listen as the cops who were involved in the chase talked about that night. I had to listen to the medical examiner detail all of the horrific injuries Christopher suffered. I had to look at pictures of his bike, his shoes that were torn off his feet, and worst of all, the picture of my son's broken and battered body lying in the street surrounded by his blood. I watched as the thing that killed my son turned it's face away, too cowardly to look at what it did. I had to listen to the lawyers make their pathetic arguments as to how the thing should or should not be punished. I listened as Picerno blamed Chris for his own murder. I had to sit and not react as the thing's family went up and talked about how it would suffer for the rest of it's life, incarcerated or not, for what it did. Then I had to listen to the thing. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's all I can say because it's all that I am. It stood there, shifting it's weight from foot to foot, trying desperately to cry, no tears coming. It grabbed it's crotch, it talked about it's remorse.
    I keep failing to embrace what's left of my life. I simply don't know how to piece together what's left of me. I hope to find a way. I don't know what the future holds, I only know that this pain is my constant companion. It will never leave me. I miss him. I love him. I want him back.

  54. Cheryl. I just found this website and have read EVERY post. No one understands that you have been put through an emotional holocaust. I have been there and I want you to know you are not alone...recovery will be a life long struggle. But it is not impossible...our hearts and minds have been methodically destroyed...and it takes pieces of us, bit by bit, over time, you don't even know you are being robbed, till you are depleted of everything. You become a prisoner in a private hidden war in your mind. Of believing if you ever "accept" what happened you are in some way condoning it. The most beloved and prized person in your whole world was taken away from you without reason. I understand your bitterness. I understand that when your world is shattered you cannot control the anger that builds as a result. I lost my 12 year old son to cancer 2 years ago. For the longest time after I HATED THE WORLD...I HATED THE DOCTORS because they were unable to save him... I HATED MYSELF for not catching his disease before it was too late. I HATED EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. Because for some reason that hate gave me satisfaction. It was a crutch I lived on and justified my feelings of complete emptiness that I could not break. I could not control and I could not stop. I often find blogs online such as this because it gives me comfort to know that the way I felt is normal, that others know my pain and we are not alone. People on here are trying to understand where you are coming from… they really are but they cannot, they will never know the pain you feel. Your son did not have to die; it makes no difference if the death was an accident or not... THERE IS NO PIECE OF MIND IN THAT BECAUSE IT DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN. And regardless of how the man who shattered your life has “changed” it will not change the fact that you will be without your son the rest of your life. Hold your ground Cheryl. No one has the right to judge how you feel and I keep hearing everyone say that the man did not mean to do it or if you were in his shoes you would see things differently. WELL SO WOULD THEY, THEY ALL NEED TO IMAGINE IF THEIR INNOCENT CHILD WAS KILLED BY THE CARELESS ACT OF ANOTHER...THEY WOULD ENTER THE EMOTIONAL HOLOCOST TOO!!!!!!! I DO NOT KNOW YOU CHERYL BUT I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS TO FIND HEALING WITH YOUR LOSS...DO NOT GIVE UP, you seem like a very headstrong woman.. LIFE IS NOT OVER, YOU CAN GROW FROM THIS EXPERIENCE AND LIVE YOUR LIFE THROUGH LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING.… IN YOUR SON'S NAME..TAKE CARE


  55. Don’t Tell Me How to Grieve~

    Don’t tell me that you understand
    Don’t tell me that you know
    Don’t tell me that I will survive
    How I will surely grow
    Don’t tell me this is just a test
    That I am truly blessed
    That I am chosen for this task
    Apart from all the rest
    Don’t come at me with answers
    That can only come from me
    Don’t tell me how my grief will pass
    That I will soon be free
    Don’t stand in pious judgment
    Of the bounds I must untie
    Don’t tell me how to suffer
    And don’t tell me how to cry
    My life is filled with sorrow
    My pain is all I see
    But I need you
    I need your love, unconditionally
    Accept me in my ups and downs
    I need someone to share
    Just hold my hand and let me cry
    And say
    My friend, I care.

    By: Joanetta Hendel

  56. And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell.
    Matthew 10:28
    He's waiting for you, Pujols.

  57. This is for the relatives of the man who killed Chris. I know that they enjoy coming to this page and bashing the victim. Found some interesting information about your new attorney and thought you would like to see the type of representation you now have. I should also note that Peters and Picerno are friends, and both represented Matthew Davis at different times during his criminal cases.
    So you see, it's all just a game for him. He's laughing at you all the way to the bank. Whoever is paying for this is the ultimate idiot.

  58. Today is Christopher's 21st birthday. Instead of celebrating another year with my boy, I have to go to the cemetery and put flowers and balloons on his grave, and weep for all that might have been. Were it not for a drunken murdering thug, my child would still be here with us. All that's left for me, for the rest of my life, is pain and suffering for my lost child. My sentence is without end, while this murdering animal will someday walk out of prison a free man, and in his words, be able to put this behind him. It's hard to reconcile the fact that he will put it behind him, and most likely forget all about what he did to Chris. In the future, it will all just be something he did, while my family will suffer the pain that never ends. He continues to add to our pain even now, trying to avoid his responsibility by saying HIS rights were violated. What about Chris's right to live? I suppose that's not even a consideration for him. Chris means nothing to him, never did and never will. I never thought it possible to have such hate and rage towards another person as I do for this murderer. There's nothing more to say except that I love you, Chrissy. I miss you and will never stop grieving you.

  59. May Chris rest in peace and may you, Cheryl, and your family, be always bathed in the radiance of his pure love. There is no consolation for such a loss, but we have to do our best to continue as our loved ones would have liked us to.

  60. Child murderer Wilfredo Pujols has lost his appeal. He will be in prison a minimum of 6 more years. If he is not paroled in 2018, he will remain in prison where he belongs for 4 additional years. He perjured himself during his post conviction hearing on March 1, 2012. He also admitted freely on the stand that he WAS drunk and high the night he murdered Christopher. Not only did we, Christopher's family and friends get some peace in knowing that this killer will not be released, we also got confirmation in what we always knew to be true-he was wasted off his ass that night. It's on the record now and will be pointed out every time this piece of garbage is mentioned.

  61. I found this online, and I'm posting it here to show that, even all these years later, people are still talking about and remembering Christopher. He made a great impact in this world. Funny, I can never find anywhere that people have talked about what a positive impact child murderer Wilfredo Pujols has had on anyone.

  62. Oh, look, another member of child murderer Wilfredo Pujols' family arrested for driving drunk. Guess you didn't learn anything from your brother, huh Kenia? Not surprised in the least. Only surprising thing is that other members of this family haven't killed several more innocent people with their irresponsible behavior and total disregard for others.

  63. Words to remember, where to place blame. Where it BELONGS, with the man who murdered this exceptional person, my son Christopher. Latest appeal lost. The facts are what they are. This was no accident. The second Pujols put his keys in the ignition of that car impaired, the key became the bullet and the car a deadly weapon.

  64. What's the worst thing about today? 31 years ago, the piece of human excrement who slaughtered my child was born. How I wish his life was over, how I wish I could make it over. We lost an important, loving and peaceful American on this day in 1968, and this worthless pile of shit still lives and breathes. It isn't right or fair, and I long for the day when Wilfredo Pujols is never here for another birthday and is gone forever. This day is cursed forever.

  65. Happy Birthday to my beloved Christopher. May 19, 1990~November 8, 2007
    Loved Deeply, Missed Endlessly, Remembered Always.