Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4 Killed [by 3-time DUI Offender John Carlgren] on Their Way Home From a Church Dance

Come on judges, lawmakers and drunks... we still have our yearly quota of 20,000 deaths to reach... John Carlgren certainly helped us reach our numbers yesterday!

* * * On October 20, 2008 four innocent lives were lost for the sake of someone getting drunk * * *

1. Murdered: Jessie Cline, 29
2. Murdered: Michelle Sawyer, 29
3. Murdered: William Johnson, 24
4. Murdered: Fred A. Young Junior, 31

The only survivor was the drunk himself: John C. Carlton

News Article:

PENDLETON, Ore. -- An Oregon man accused of causing a two-vehicle crash that killed four people on Interstate-84 over the weekend pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of manslaughter and driving under the influence of intoxicants.

KGW report on manslaughter charges The westbound pickup driven by John C. Carlgren of Carlton struck the back of a car driven by 29-year-old Jessie Cline of Hermiston, according to Oregon State Police. Cline and his three passengers died at the scene near Pendleton on Sunday.

Records show the state suspended Carlgren's license in 1991 and revoked it in 1993 because of alcohol-related arrests. His driving privileges were reinstated in 1998. He was described in court records as a habitual drunk driver and he was cited for drunk driving in 1990, 1991, and 1993. His rap sheet also showed that he assaulted a police officer in 1995 and was cited for speeding in 2005 as well as last month.

Carlgren, 46, was treated for minor injuries and transferred to the Umatilla County Jail. Bail was then set at $400,000.

Cline's passengers were identified as 29-year-old Michelle Sawyer of Lynwood Wash., 24-year-old William Johnson from Hermiston and 31-year-old Fred A. Young Junior of Boardman. They were on their way home from a church dance.


  1. im so sick of these bastards taking ppls lives.... why do live in such a crazy world!

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  3. a wounderful child was taken away from us at the age of four just days after christmas last year. The whole town adorned pink ribbions and i rember thinking thank god her death wont be in vein,people started paying more attention to how much they drank before they drove and acctually calling for a ride when needed. That thought did not last long. Just six months later i was reading the local police blotter in the news paper their were 6 DUI arrests that week (the week of july 4)although i was disscusted i was realy pissed when i realized that all six were from our sm. town(pop.1,700)and all but 2 personaly knew the precious angel that had just been taken awat from us. I thought what is wrong with you idiots!You are riding around with pink ribbions warning dont drink and drive!!!! Then you get arrested for DUI what the hell is a matter with you people what has to happen to get you to wake up! We love you baby girl and we will do what ever we can to make sure this doesnt happen again!!!!

  4. Michelle was a wonderful person and did not deserve to go this way. FOr crying out loud she was on her way home from church of all places. Not only that but but she was engaged to marry one of the others that was killed in the crash. there wedding was only weeks away, and now it will never happen. Michelle also left behind a beautiful little girl who now has no parents! her dauhter anny is one of the cutest little girls and will now have to move from her home and from her school and everything that she knows so that she can go live with her grandparents in another state. So this Carlgren guy not only took four lives the night he decided to get behing the while and drive, but he disrupted many othersby taking away our loved ones. We miss you Shelly!!!1

  5. After reading these articles I vowed to never drink and get behind a wheel again. Looking at all of those people that were victims of drunk drivers really hit a spot with me. They looked so full of life in the photos and something as stupid as driving drunk ended their lives. That does not sit well with me. So this site does a service because I have been changed.

  6. why was their car stalled? why weren't they off the road? had they been drinking? was their driver on a cell phone?

    1. They had a long drive they pulled off on the side if the road to switch drivers. No my parents and there friends we're not drunk. They all we're responsible people so no the driver wasn't on his phone

  7. Bottom line (person above) - John was drunk and on the road so all bets are off. He was a multiple offender and needs to be LOCKED UP FOR LIFE! Get a grip. Even if their car was stalled in the middle of the road a non-drunk person would have the ability to avoid them. Stop trying to blame the innocent.

  8. these questions haven't been answered, that stretch of highway has claimed many sober drivers. Are you afraid an open discussion of the facts? The State of Oregon was wrong to re-issue licence - the laws have are changing. We know we need improvement in all aspects of this case.

  9. betty edwards,i am so very sorry for what happen to these innocent people.i don,t know how you feel,but i do know it would have to be one of the hardest things to bear,is losing your loved one to a drunk-or drug usser.i lost my little 8yrs old cousin in an automobile accident.her parents let her go spend the night with her step-brother and his girl friend.and after her brother went to work this girl who had only been driving for a short time,was speeding down the high way and lost control of the car,and slid around a curve side ways,and a high rise truce came in on the passenger side and she lived she was life flighted to a hospital in tn.and the familywas told she was brain dead.i had never seen my housband cry,but this was a hurt i never knewed existed.to lose a baby only 8yrs old.she was such a joy to have around.we loved her as if she was our own.and her mother rescently commited suicide.and that left her brother all by him self.and he is doing drugs.i dont know what else could happen and will ,if god intervines and prayers are answer is all that is left for this young man.please remember him in your prayers,he is only 18 yrs old.i am truely sorry for any one who looses a loved one,and these people who choose to drink -drug and drive shoulds be given a death sentence.a eye for an eye.gob bless all of your families.