Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John Daugherty, Rachael Slade, Shane Stanridge - Head-on Collision by Drunk Driver William Ottman.

Two Teens Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver William Ottman

July 28, 2008
Tanya Mendis

Friends of 16-year-old John Daugherty say he and two of his friends- Racheal Slade and Shane Stanridge- were driving back from a night of hanging out at a nearby lake, when they were hit head-on by a suspected drunk driver.

The accident happened early Sunday morning on Highway 305 near county road 220 in McMinn County.

Troopers with the Tennessee Highway Patrol say the driver of an F-150, 29-year-old William Ottman, crossed the center line and slammed head-on into the car full of teenagers. Troopers say John and Racheal, 17, died on impact. Shane, 18, who was riding in the front seat, is in serious condition at UT Medical Center.

William Ottman, 29

Troopers transported the almost unrecognizable Chevy Tracker and the mangled F-150 to the department of transportation headquarters in Sequatchie County for storage.

Investigators say Ottman was visibly drunk. In addition to two pending charges of vehicular homicide, drug charges are pending as well.

The teens attended McMinn Central High School.

Posted in memory of Rachel Elliott, killed by a drunk driver 2/21/08


  1. i love john && ray ray && shane to death they wasnt at a lake they was at my house they same to help me because i though some one was snooping around and i got scared and called shane they came down there as fast as they could .... and stayed for a few they lefted at 2:57 me and john was talkin about me being his sister in law me and racheal was talkin about hanging out soon and then i gave shane racheal and john a hug and told them bye... my friend that saw them leave that saw them with me that night woke me up not not even a hr. latter and told me they had been in a wreck and i rushed down there and called his twin ( aaron daugherty ) my boy friend of the time and we called his mom ... and went to the hosptial we got the news john and racheal pass awy that night at 3:20 a few min after leaving my house... all they was tryin to do was help a friend and now there dead all because one guy wanted to drink and drive i hope he is happy !!! and just if he didnt no the girl he killed was a soon to be mom thanks !!!!

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